10 Places to visit in Australia.

10 Places to visit in Australia.

When it comes to the list of country ,where Most tourists attracts- Australia always hit the list.

In Australia, the land of dreams, you will find sparkling sand, swaying blue seas, heart-wrenching weather, jumping kangaroos and much more.

There are many such Beautiful place to visit in Australia, where you will jump in a different joy.

So, without further description- Let’s talk about Top 10 cities in Australia,  where most tourists attracts.


1. Sydney :

If you visit Australia then it’s my suggestion to check out Beautiful city- Sydney.  Sydney is counted as one of the Most Beautiful Places  in Australia.

The historically famous city of Sydney is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Sydney is one of the favorite places to visit especially for Indian tourists.

There are many historical buildings, gardens with smiles on their faces, attractive churches and many delightful places, which attract tourists.

Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, has the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Queen Victoria Building and many more places that have all the arrangements for your travel and entertainment.


2 Opera House Sydney:

The Opera House, which is counted among the Most beautiful tourist destinations of Sydney, is less than praised.

The Opera House is surrounded by water on all four sides.

To see this unique place, tourists come after traveling for a long time.

Also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Opera House is one such tourist site of Sydney which is also known as historical heritage.

3 Queen Victoria Building Sydney:

Queen Victoria Building also counted as one of the Best 10 Places to visit in Australia.

One of Sydney’s most iconic and iconic historic markets, the Queen Victoria Building is such a beautiful place to find yourself in over 170 great brands as well as shops, restaurants and cafes and fun food.

This historical site was built in the 19th century.

There are four shopping floors here, in which you can get a special experience while strolling by observing the rich and artistic architecture.

4 Harbor bridge:

The Harbor Bridge, built in 1932, is considered as Best places in Australia.

Its length is 1149 meters and due to this length, it has the status of being the 6th longest bridge in the world.

After the Opera House, if there is any other favorite place of tourists, then it is the Harbor Bridge of Sydney, where you can capture many beautiful pictures with your friends and family in your camera.

Taking photos here is a different pleasure.


5. Royal Botanic Garden:

The Royal Botanic Garden, built in 1816, is one of the Best places to visit in Sydney.

The beauty of the greenery and colorful flowers here will fascinate you.

You get to see different types of plant species in this garden. Here you also get a chance to see many types of wildlife.

If you feel yourself connected with nature then this place will give you special pleasure.


6. Taronga Zoo:

 Best places to visit in Australia
Taronga Zoo with over 340 species is one of the must-see places in Sydney.

A collection of more than 4000 animals is found here, seeing which your mind will be filled with excitement.

Spread over an area of ​​52 acres, this area is home to chimpanzees, elephants and many types of snake species.

At Taronga Zoo, you can enjoy stunning views and close-up encounters of the Sydney skyline along with other animals from around the world.

7. Darling Harbor Sydney:

 Best places to visit in Australia


The LG Theater in Darling Harbor, which has the world’s largest screen, is a major tourist attraction.

Known for its hang out spots, Darling Harbor is also considered a great place for shopping.

There is a beautiful water park for the entertainment of the children.

If you also love the world of theatre, then this place is a good option for you to visit.



 Best places to visit in Australia

One of the Best places to visit in Australia, almost half of Tasmania’s area has been protected so as to preserve its natural wealth.

While the desolate forests surrounded by white beaches, waterfalls and forests will leave you in awe, while on the other hand, with the alpine plateaus, exploring this area takes you on a different journey.

You can also spot dolphins, penguins and seals along the way while taking a boat trip along the craggy coast.


9. kings Canyon:

 Best places to visit in Australia

Famous for its staggering size and stunning scenery, Kings Canyon is located in the Wataka National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The jagged cliffs, interesting rock formations and beautiful scenery will leave you spellbound.

Apart from all these places, you will also find many such memorable places to visit in Australia that will force you to save the beauty of nature and connect yourself with this place.


10.Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:

 Best places to visit in Australia


Marine life hides many secrets within itself. Such mysteries that you will not be able to stop your mind from being happy when you see it through your eyes.

Home to over 700 species of marine life and depicting a wide variety of fish and marine life, the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium brings to the fore.



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